Open Type Dome Head Blind Rivet

Dome Rivets (also called Pop Rivets or Blind Rivets) are designed to provide a permanent fastening solution between overlaying surfaces. Dome Rivets are designed for ‘blind’ installation, and only require access to one side of the structure for installation. They are available in diameters of between 2.40mm and 6.40mm, with lengths of between 4.00mm and 40.00mm.

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Blind Rivets (often referred to as breakstem rivets) allow two or more similar or different materials to be joined together from one side of the application.Available in a combination of diameters, grip-ranges and materials, standard dome head rivets are a highly versatile and cost effective, industry proven joining method. This is the most versatile type of head, providing enough bearing surface to retain all kinds of materials. Due to their construction, rivets provide strong resistance to shear forces (perpendicular to the rivet shaft) and can resist light tensioning loads (parallel to the rivet shaft).



Installation is simple, with tooling ranging from cheap pistol-grip style guns to air-powered placement equipment suitable for production line work.  



Applications include, automotive, aerospace, furniture, restoration, sheet metal fabrication etc.


Material & Finish

Aluminium Body (Al Mg 3.5) / Steel+Zinc Mandrel (AL/ST)

Aluminium Body (Al Mg 3.5) / Stainless (304) Mandrel (AL/A2)

Aluminium Body (Al Mg Si) / Aluminium Mandrel (AL/AL)

Steel+Zinc Body / Steel+Zinc Mandrel (ST/ST)

Stainless Body (304) / Stainless (304) Mandrel (A2/A2)

Stainless Body (316) / Stainless (316) Mandrel (A4/A4)

Copper Body / Steel Mandrel (CU/ST)

Copper Body / Bronze Mandrel (CU/BZ

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