Aluminum Aging Ovens

Aluminium Aging Ovens are one of the types of Industrial Oven.Aluminium aging ovens are manufactured from stainless steel.This oven is capable of 350 – 400 degrees of heat. It runs on electricity of 220 volts and above.The humidity ranges from 68% and above,this oven mainly used in Industries,Factory,and other related sectors.

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Aluminum can be aged after it is solution annealed to the “O” condition and using the proper hardening processes to achieve the preferred physical properties for the given application.

The aluminum aging process is normally performed in a temperature ranging from 250° to 400°F. These  temperatures may be held from several hours to several days depending on the desired physical properties. These ovens are used for superior aluminum hardening of aluminum casts.

These Aluminium Aging Ovens make the aluminium profiles to obtain the best mechanical properties and quality. These Aluminium Aging Ovens are delivered with proper and automated control systems for controlling temperature and voltage effectively based on the requirements of the heating elements. These Aluminium Aging Ovens have better quality and uniform strength as the aluminium profiles should be heated in an oven at uniform temperature at specified time.


Some of the attributes are:-

·         Designed using aluminized steel construction, keeping the systems clean and minimizing maintenance.

·         Loads are designed to be loaded into the work area by automatic conveyors.

·         Processing times and temperatures are controlled and timed automatically using PLC's and Operative Interfaces.

·         Data acquisition with multiple point temperature readings are made accessible using multipoint paper or paperless recorders.


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