Unit Load AGV

Unit load AGV also known as Unit Load, It carriers are the very efficient means for material handling subsystems. Load transfer to conveyors either using roller decks or lift/lower decks. It has a capacity of bearing more than 500 Kg’s, It can transfer load either manually or automatically, It is used for Material Handling, Industrial purposes, etc.

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Detailed Description for Unit Load AGV

Unit load carriers are the very efficient means for horizontal transportation between hardware intensive material handling subsystems. Load transfer to conveyors or load stands is easily accomplished with unit load carriers either using roller decks or lift/lower decks. The unit load device allow good system versatility for product movement because they usually operate independent of one another to get to specific destinations. Usually these automated material handling system involve delivery of product with remote management of the vehicles in the system and are normally used in warehouses and distribution systems, where the guide path lengths are relatively short, but the volumes are high. These carriers are quite popular in applications integrating conveyors with manufacturing/assembly operations or storage retrieval systems. This unit load device, over moderate distances, can move high volumes of material linking integrated facility. This type is used to move unit loads from one station to another station and are often equipped for automatic loading and unloading by means of powered rollers.

Benefits of Unit Load AGVs
•         Reduce variances found in human delivery operations
•         Ability to transport materials without adding barriers.
Industrial Applications for Unit Load AGVs

•         Aerospace
•         Apparel
•         Automotive
•         Beauty Products
•         Dairy
•         Communications
•         Electronic
•         Books and Library Systems
•         Food and Beverage
•         Healthcare
•         Household Items
•         Pharmaceuticals and Health Care
•         Mail Order Fulfillment
•         Office and Computer Equipment
•         Refrigerator and Freezer Applications
•         Retail
•         Sport Goods
•         Textiles
•         Semiconductors
•         Toys
•         Warehouse & Storage Facilities

•         Archive Systems
•         Distribution
•         High Density Storage
•         Cross Docking
•         High Speed Sortation
•         Material Flow and Transport
•         Production and Manufacturing Support Systems
•         Warehouse Management and Control


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