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Speciality chemicals, which is also referred as specialities chemical or effect chemicals are a specific type of chemical product that shows different types of effects in different industry sectors based on its type of application.

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Speciality chemicals are widely used in different types of industries to manufacture wide range of products, tight from cosmetics to lubricants. Some of the categories where speciality chemicals are particularly used are agrichemicals, cosmetic additives, adhesives, construction chemicals, industrial gases, food additives, polymers, surfactants, cleaning materials, aerospace, automobile and to name a few.

There chemicals are chosen only on the basis of its performance and function. Hence, most of the industries prefer the speciality chemical of a particular type rather than universal. Besides, to add a particular effect, only a chosen type of chemical is used. The formulation of this material can sometimes refer as performance. The combination of unique single molecules and the formulated mixture of molecule greatly influence the formulation. Normally, in commercial industries choose these products carefully as it has a great impact on end product and using any different chemical otherwise may prove dangerous. This is the major difference between these chemicals and other sub-sectors such as fine, commodity, petro and pharmaceutical chemicals.

These chemicals are manufactures in batch chemicals plants through batch processing techniques. In batch process, defined quantity of product is made from the given raw materials given during a stipulated time frame. This process consists of adding accurately measured raw material such as starting materials, which is then followed by a series of process such as mixing, heating, cooling, and introducing with other chemicals to gain maximum chemical reaction, distillation, crystallization, separation, drying and finally packing as per the industry standards.


Once the manufacturing process is completed as per the set standards, the chemical should pass rigorous quality check. Once it completes the final test, the manufactured product is sent for warehousing and logistics department and then delivered to all wholesale and retail stores. 













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