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Art and Paintings Interior Wallpapers have an amazing art and painting, which can be used as a wallpaper on your room's walls. Place it in your hall or room to liven up interiors decorations. They are available in various color and shapes with size up to 18 inches and with the weight of 3-8kg/roll. They are moisture proof wallpapers widely used in the home, bedroom and drawing rooms.

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Wallpaper is supposed to sit flat and blend into the background – a simple decorative surface over otherwise bare walls. Colors and patterns of traditional wallpapering types inform the rhythms of this offbeat design idea but are just the beginning of a unique alternative to boring old wall coverings.

Gone are the days of boring wallpapers, it's the time to get more creative with wall art designs. Do you want to do a makeover for your room? Well you can go Art or use a splash of popping colors as Painting and get creative picture. If you are from a large family, you sure would love to have all their pictures with you, so here is a great wal art idea for having all their pictures at one place. Paint an amazing banyan tree or just about any tree which has plenty of branches, let the framed pictures sit on those branches and you have done an amazing wall painting.


* Colorful Design

* Eligent Look

* Diffeent Style 

* Awesome Patteren on the wallpaper

* Can Installed Easily

* Eco Friendly

* Light Weight

* Anti Moisture 


* Home

* Office

* Drawing Hall

* Shop

* Bathroom

* Hotel

* School

* Restaurant 


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