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Solar Water is a viable alternative to the electric geyser for meeting the daily hot water needs of households and commercial institutions. Unlike electric geysers that use conventional electricity, solar water heaters are environment-friendly as they capture the heat energy available from the Sun's rays and transfer it to the water that needs to be heated.Various tank capacities are available and working temperature is 65 to 85C.

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About Product :-

Solar water heater is a system that utilizes solar energy (or the energy from sunlight) to heat water. It has a system that is installed on a terrace or open space where it can get sunlight and the energy from the sun rays then used to heat water and store it in an insulated tank. 


All glass evacuated tubes are the key component of solar collectors. The evacuated tube is similar to a conventional thermo flask and consists of two borosilicate glass tubes, a glass with chemical and thermal shock resistance. The outer side of the innes tube is coated with a Sputtered solar selective surface. This coated inner tube is closed at one end of and sealed at the other end to the inner tube. the annular space between the outer tube and inner tube is evacuated to virtually eliminate heat loss by conduction and convention.


Features :-

• Using deionized water to rinse glass tubes could stable the performance of selective coating:

• The adopting of German advanced technology makes the products could work at 400ºC and absorption reach up to level of more than 0.92, which leads our product to be the non               inspection one in Europe.

• Patented circles sealing and annealing technology has successfully solved problems such as fragile of the sealing area.

• The adoption of Plasma Anti reflex technology has increased solar transmittance by 3%.

• Founder of dual coating technology which could improve the heat-collecting efficiency

• Surface made of pure copper could reduce little energy in the reflected layer, and keep good insulation efficiency. (the ratio of the hemisphere radiation E h  ≤0.05)

• The absorption layer which bears a high temperature is able to prevent the layer from color changing or performance declining, so it is possible for our products to perform in a well             state and serve for a longer time. (the ratio of solar absorption AM 1.5 & ≥ 0.94)

• As the reflecting layer has been added to the outer layer, more heat could be obtained and rapid rising of temperature could be realized. (the tube and get more than 10% of the usual         heat energy)

• Blue E lingering charm-High efficient All-glass evacuated solar collector tubes can not only be used for common water heater, but also could be applied to hi-tech area such as                     refrigerating electricity by sun in various conditions.

• High quality borosilicate glass tube "Pyrex".

• No clogging or choking

• The vacuum acts as an insulator which reduces conductive heat loss from the inner of the tubes

• Inner coating of tubes consist of layers of aluminum, nickel/stainless steel and copper flash coating(see picture) which facilitates excellent heat absorption and minimal radiation rate<         4% at 100 C



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