FS 300- 1/2 Ton Base Plate Mounted Freestanding Jib Crane 8' Span

Service an open area without being tied to a building structure• Supplement a bridge crane• Service an area where a bridge crane is not available or feasible• Take the place of a wall or column mounted crane when less than 360º of rotation is sufficient, but no other structure is available for support

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Detailed Description for FS 300- 1/2 Ton Base Plate Mounted Freestanding Jib Crane 8' Span


(Base Plate Mounted):

• Mast is just bolted to the foundation, therefore can be easily relocated in the future

• Only one concrete pour is required

• A hexagonal base plate is welded to the base of the mast pipe, and is reinforced with six gusset plates equally spaced around the circumference of the mast

• The base plate is secured via anchor bolts to a structurally adequate, reinforced foundation

• Utilizes full gussets in continual contact with the base plate. Other manufacturers typically utilize open gussets, which can cause an undesirable, warped effect.

Design Advantages:

The features incorporated into the design of a Gorbel® Free Standing jib make it the most unique in the industry.

Head Assembly:

• Consists of two side plates, safety channel, back head plate, top head channel, upper front channel, weight bearing frame assembly, front head channel, trunnion roller support bracket, and a trunnion roller kit

• Is joined with bolts to the boom, and transfers the boom loading directly to the top pivot bearing and the trunnion roller assemblies

• Permits installation of the head prior to the boom

• Decreases the required installation clearances

• Allows for maximum hoist lift

• Permits in-head bottom entry electrification

• Utilizes a retaining pin to protect against dislodgment (this feature is exclusive to Gorbel)

• Large head size eliminates crushing of the trunnion rollers. Other manufacturers utilize a smaller head that can disfigure and damage the crane components, leading to difficulty with the crane operation.



Retaining Pin:

• Increases safety by resisting dislodgment of the head

• Retaining pin is placed through the pivot pin above the weight bearing channel

• Is a feature exclusive to Gorbel

• Proven to be especially beneficial when a free standing jib is used in conjunction with an overhead crane. The overhead crane’s hoist hook, if too low, can accidentally latch on to the jib’s boom and lift the assembly. Gorbel’s design prevents against dislodgment if this situation arises.


Top Pivot Bearing Assembly:

• Reduces the clearance needed for installation

• Allows for total enclosure of the bottom entry collector assembly within the head

• Connects the head assembly to the mast pipe

• Transfers the loading forces from the boom to the head and mast

• Incorporates a weight bearing channel connecting the two sides of the head assembly

• The weight-bearing channel supports a bearing housing that contains the outer face of a tapered roller bearing, allowing for ease of rotation

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