2 Ton Free Standing Jib Crane-SPANCO

Free standing jib cranes are available in three basic styles to suit specific applications: base plate mounted, foundation mounted, and sleeve insert mounted.360° rotational capability can maximize the utilization of any work area. No additional support is needed other than the specified reinforced concrete foundation.

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-360° rotation.

-Allows for electrified, motor driven, powered rotation through various collector ring assemblies.

-The boom or I-beam is designed to meet all specifications utilizing a 25% factor of rated load for impact and 15% of rated load for hoist and trolley weight.

-The pipe mast or column is designed to give maximum strength and minimum deflection to resist bending, buckling, and crushing as well as wear by the trunnion roller assembly.

-The top bearing assembly utilizes a Timken tapered roller bearing provided with a grease fitting for proper lubrication.

-The bearings are designed for a 5000 hour, B-10 design life.

Head assembly

-Constructed of standard plate, angles, and channels to ensure minimum deflection and maximum rigidity.

-The plates are reinforced using angles to limit compression and buckling stresses.

-The lower trunnion roller assembly is mounted on a channel which transfers the load from the top of the box.

360° Rotaion

-The head assembly is designed to inhibit dislodgment due to upward and forward motion. It allows bottom entry electrification inside the head and will also allow mounting above the boom for top entry electrification


-SPANCO free standing jib cranes are designed to be mounted to a permanent concrete foundation which, in addition to anchoring the crane, acts basically as a counterweight for the forces exerted by the crane under maximum loading conditions. The recommended foundations are based on a soil pressure of 2,500 lbs. per sq. ft., so it is possible in some cases to reduce the foundation size if it is determined to be feasible by a qualified architect or engineer.

-It is solely the customer’s responsibility to provide the proper foundation for the crane so there should be no deviation from the recommended foundation size without first consulting a qualified professional.

-Spanco Freestanding Jib Cranes install almost anywhere, including outside. These foundation-mounted, freestanding jibs offer higher capacities, longer spans, and greater rotation than our wall-mounted jib cranes:

100 Series Freestanding Jib Cranes Base Plate Mounted

-Easiest to install.

-Base plate is secured by anchors bolts to a prescribed, reinforced concrete foundation.

-The pipe mast’s connection to the hexagonal base plate is reinforced with six equally-spaced knee


101 Series Freestanding Jib Cranes Foundation Mounted

-No knee braces, freeing up area at foot of crane’s mast.

-Square steel plate comes welded to bottom of mast.

  -The plate positions and plumbs the mast by anchoring it to the first-pour concrete footing.

  -The second-pour supports the mast.


 102 Series Freestanding Jib Cranes Sleeve Insert Mounted

 -Allows for crane relocation without damaging the mast.

-No knee braces, freeing up area at foot of crane’s mast.

-Sleeve is welded to square steel plate; the plate positions and plumbs the sleeve by anchoring it to the first-pour concrete footing.

-The second-pour supports the sleeve.

-The mast is placed into the sleeve, leveled by wedges, and welded in place.


Options for Spanco Freestanding Jib Crane


-Electric collector rings or air swivel (allow continuous 360-degree boom rotation)

-Box track festooning

-Boom locks

-Rotation stops

-Motorized rotation


-Special control enclosures (to match your environment)

-Specialty paint finishes or hot dip galvanizing available (as well as custom designs for outdoor applications)



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