Dell Quiet Key USB keyboard

The Dell™ KB212-B USB 104 Quiet Key Keyboard is designed ergonomically to maximize your comfort and productivity with sturdy and robust quiet key design for everyday business and personal usage. This keyboard features a standard set of 104 keys and its durability has been constructed for a long life span of repetitive use. This product has been tested and validated on Dell systems. It is supported by Dell Technical Support when used with a Dell system.

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Designed to Last

Made from the superior quality materials, this Dell USB wired keyboard is made for durability. It has six non-slip rubber pads on the base that hold the keyboard steadily in place. You can even use it to enjoy your adventurous internet games as you can rely on this keyboard for its performance. Designed for tough use, this Dell KB212 B wired keyboard is made of sturdy material and is a perfect accessory for computer users, who require to use the keyboard constantly. Be it gaming, typing long emails, or creating new documents you can trust this Dell wired keyboard to last. Typing will be pleasurable and easy when you have this computer accessory at your disposal.

Comfort at its Best

In addition to the six rubber pads, this Dell USB 104 KB212 B quiet key wired keyboard is also spill proof. Enjoy your coffee as you write emails or chat with your friends online, using this spill resistant keyboard. Designed for your convenience, this keyboard features an adjustable yet firm tilt. You may adjust this keyboard according to your comfort and enjoy typing out long documents with ease. The keys of this Dell USB 104 KB212 B wired keyboard are constructed for quiet performance. Enhance your writing as you get the silence you need for focussing on your work. With such quality performance and easy maintenance, this keyboard increases your productivity as it gives you the comfort and ease while writing and peace as you work quietly.

  • Brand: Dell
  • Type: Keyboard
  • Colour: Black
  • Compatible with: MS Windows XP, Windows Vista, Widows 7, Linux Ubunta
  • Interface: USB 2.0
  • Easy plug and play
  • Spill resistant


From the Manufacturer


Dell KB212-B USB 104 Quiet Key Keyboard

Are you frustrated with your old and hard keyboard? Does your speed of work get impacted by the faint letters of your old keyboard? Then, it’s time to get yourself the durable and one of its kind the Dell KB212-B USB 104 Quiet Key Keyboard. This specially designed keyboard is compatible with any computer and as it comes from Dell, the reputed makers of PCs and laptops, you can be rest assured of its quality. This keyboard is rich with unique user friendly features. To start with one, it’s made to sustain itself through repetitive usage on a daily basis. Robust and durability are inherent in its design concept.

So what makes the Dell keyboard special and a must buy? Well, this one is designed to be a quiet and sturdy performer. It comes with standard 104 keys and is also spill-resistant, adding convenience and ease of maintenance to the list of its features. So now you can drink your juice or coffee while working without taking a break from your work. Adds to your productivity and concentration. The Dell KB212-B keyboard takes into account the comfort aspect making this one adjustable tilt and use. You can change your posture, keeping yourself fit and fine.

This keyboard by Dell has USB connectivity too for making the computing experience very easy. Your keyboard is your mainstay and Dell understands this requirement. Made in an ergonomic design, the quiet and tactile feel makes it a good daily companion to you. You need not worry about this keyboard moving while you use it as its sturdy. Armed with 6 rubber pads, you can continue working without any slipping or sliding. This quiet keyboard does its work in silence, while enabling you to have a more comfortable daily computer experience. You must consider this as a good investment for your effortless daily working routine. Shop online for it now from Amazon.



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