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Roti maker is a satisfying product for all the women out there. To be honest, making hot and puffed up rotis is quite a challenge but not with this product. Besides, our busy lives do not leave us with the luxury of time either. And this is when this automatic roti maker introduces its importance. It is made by stainless steel, making it more reliable and durable. Width and height of this equipment is 90mm each while it weighs around 3000gm. The plate diameter is 90mm.

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These days, women are becoming concerned for their career. They are accountable for other familiar responsibilities also. Gone are the days when women used to spend most of their hours in kitchen; preparing hot and fresh meals, washing the dishes, cleaning the kitchen and then again preparing for the next meal of the day. And on this account, this roti maker machine is totally heaven!

The roti making machine allows you to make good, round and healthy rotis without getting your hands dirty in a fast fashion. It is of great use for the house-makers too; apparently. All you need to do is to make a dough and the rest will be done by this amazing utility. Make round balls/rolls with the dough and keep it between the plates. Press the plates and the roti will be rolled to a round shape which begins to fluff up the next moment after getting properly baked.

Benefits and uses:

The prepared dough does not stick to the surface having non-stick coating and slides off easily eventually giving you the taste of tasty and soothing rotis.

This chapati-maker is robust and long lasting due to its strong steel body which makes it unbreakable and isolated to any kind of wear and tear in spite of its daily usage. So it’s time to bid farewell to the traditional roti-making and get modern!

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Size and Material of Griddle Posted on 8/16/2016

Griddle must be made of forged aluminum. Aluminum is well known for equal heat distribution. It must be non-stick so we can avoid use of oil. Different size are available in griddle but for best roti size 8" to 10" must be selected.

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Brand Selection Posted on 8/16/2016

For better customer support and services one should select best brand for roti maker, so that it can be reliable and safer to use, because any irresponsible selection can be dangerous as it is being used in kitchen so, best brand selection can skip this risk. Some of the famous brands which you can relied are :- Annapurna Pro Chef Chef Master Prestige Bajaj Philips roti maker and many.

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Seema S

Check for the surface. Posted on 8/16/2016

Do check for the surface of the Roti Maker. Ensure that the non-stick is properly done!

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Seema S

A satisfying product, I must say! Posted on 8/11/2016

Get assured about the surface of the machine! Make sure that the non-stick coating is properly done.

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