Garlic Peeling Machine

A garlic peeling machine is intended to take off the outer skin of garlic and pushing forward into the processing or packaging unit. This machine is available in different sizes such as mini, large and extra large with a power rating of 90W to 150W.

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Automatic garlic peeling machine is invented to peel the outer skin of garlic ensuring cloves are free from damage. This specialized machine is perfectly suitable for pickle industries. The peeling machine’s operating principle is very simple, where a full garlic is placed into the chopper, which enters the stainless steel drum where a vertical shaft with rubber plates are constantly rotating at a preset speed. Once the garlic get in contact with these rubber pads, the garlic skin gets glide off and falls.

The garlic machine consists of various parts such as;

1.      Feeding hopper

2.      Peeling roller

3.      Cover board with holes

4.      Adjusting screw

5.      Back bearing

6.      Peel hopper

7.      Frame

8.      Fan for peel suction

9.      Front Bearing

10.  Motor

11.  Motor cover

12.  Power switch

Garlic peeling machine is widely known for its simple operation and various benefits such as improved functionality with storing capacity and the drying tunnel. Apart from food industries, this machine is widely used in commercial industries where mass production is required. Besides, garlic peeling machine is highly regarded for its high tensile strength, corrosion resistance, durability and excellent output


Highly automatic and peels-off the skin completely

Works on energy saving unit as well as compressed air system

Generates excellent productivity

Automatic temperature control

Can peel different sizes of garlic easily

Zero damage

High tensile strength and corrosion resistant


Food processing industries

Pickle industry

Hotels and restaurants


Small scale industries















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