A light fixture is an electronic device used in artificial lighting. Fixtures are designed in such a way that it directs the light in all directions. These are also known as table lamps or desk lamps. The source of the light is a light bulb which is attached on the lamp arm. A socket holds the bulb in place.

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          All light fixtures have a fixture body, a light socket and reflectors. Together with this they may also come with lighting accessories.


The body of the fixture contains an electrical connection such as switches to control the lighting. Fixture holds the lamp in place. The electrical connection may be wired permanently or can be easily removed.


They are placed on top of the light bulb. Reflectors diverge the light coming from the bulb in all direction. An aperture present on the top of the lamp may come with or without a lens.

Light socket      

The place where the light bulb is positioned is called a socket. All the electrical connections end here.


1.    Portable fixtures

They are used on office desks or as table lamps. They have a well balanced arm with adjustable length. They come in variety of designs to have an appealing home decor. Torch lamps also come with upward facing shades.

2.   Fixed lighting

They are commonly called ceiling domes. The light source will be hidden inside a translucent dome with different textures to diffuse light. They are made up of glass or some combination of frosting. They come in many types and designs such as, chandeliers, pendant lighting, outdoor lighting, bollards, sconce etc.

3.   Special purpose lighting

These types of lightings are used on special occasions for a creative design and attractive exterior lighting. For example, accent lights, which are used to highlight an object of interest or an area. Christmas lights come with twinkling effects and are used for decoration.


1.   Two-way or a three-way switch

2.   Dimmer

3.   Motion detectors

4.   Timers and lighting control system


Interior designing come with choosing the intended lighting scheme and fixtures. Basic knowledge of fixture classification helps in identifying the most suitable one for each space and requirement.


1.   Interior lighting fixtures

2.   Ceiling mounted fixtures

3.   Wall mounted fixtures                                                                                  

4.   Furniture mounted fixtures

5.   Floor mounted fixtures

6.   Exterior lighting fixtures



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