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Extension Ladders are compact and light enough to fit safely through tight spaces, yet strong and tall enough for the job. This extension ladder are compact in design and can be used indoors and out for painting, window cleaning and other maintenance.

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Extension ladder or "telescopic ladder", a fixed ladder divided into two or more lengths for more convenient storage; the lengths can be slid together for storage or slid apart to expand the length of the ladder; a pulley system may be fitted so that the ladder can be easily extended by an operator on the ground then locked in place using the dogs and pawls.

The thick walled aluminium sides are even thicker than standard trade ladders, which means these ladders can be used in the hardest environments on a daily basis. The rungs are spun into the stiles for maximum strength, which means that the rungs won't spin - they are locked into the sides of the ladder.

This ladder comes with D-shaped rungs  and serrated to give plenty of comfort and grip in all weather. Essential when you are working at height. 



  • Extra heavy duty thick wall box section stiles
  • Twist proof rung joints
  • Reduce fatigue with deep, comfortable ‘D’ rungs
  • Rung locks fitted ensure sections do not separates
  • Anti-slip rubber feets
  • Long life corrosion resistance
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Strong reinforced stiles

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