Dark Horse Fiberglass Ladder

These Ladders are lower conductors of electricity and do not succumb to the elements. They are a good choice for people who use them often either at home or on the job. These are available with various specifications such as Self-supporting A - type FRP / GRP : 5 feet-18 feet, No:of steps : 4, 5, Extended Length : 2.49m - 4.17m, Step height : 1.24m - 2.08m, Weight : 13.9kg,13.6kg, Ext. Max. Height : 4.18m, 2.49m.

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Ever feel nervous on a stepladder again! No matter how you set it up, the patent-pending Little Giant™ Select Step™ provides a comfortable standing platform which offers heel-to-toe foot support at the top recommended step. The heavy duty rated with 150kg workload capacity is strong yet lightweight and the Select Step 5-8 is a 5, 6, 7, and 8-foot stepladder all in one. Because both sides of the telescope independently, you can use it safely on stairs and uneven surfaces. Hanging pictures or changing that is an impossible light bulb above the stairwell will never be easier.

The AirDeck workstation with handrail provides an extra stability and eliminates feelings of vertigo while standing at the top of the Select Step. The AirDeck lets us focus on the work for getting better results and helps you work faster without worrying about losing your balance.

Advantages :

·         Electrically insulating

·         Lightweight

·         Corrosion resistance

·         Heavy duty

·         Strong and sturdy

·         Twist proof

·         High mechanical strength

      ·          Serrated antiskid fiberglass steps



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