High Performance Laminates

The high performance laminates are manufactured using high-end equipment and methods to laminate metal foils, plastic films and other substrates. The laminate sheets are available in 1220mmx2440mm, 1220mmx3050mm, 1300mmx2440mm, 1550mmx3660mm, 1830x4300mm dimensions with the thickness of 0.8mm, 1mm and above. The high pressure laminate wall panels should be properly conditioned to the atmosphere before they are installed.

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The typical manufacturing process of high performance laminates includes laminating metalized polyester along with silicone rubber to make the sheets fire resistant and moisture resistant. The high performance laminates are available in different finishes such as matt, suede, fabric, linen, soft, pearl, sprinkle, streak, veneer, wave and high gloss with unlimited choice of colors. This type of laminates is manufactured by meting out multiple layers of substrates under high pressure to bring out a beautifully designed, reliable and sterile surfacing material. It is available in various colors and also customized according to the specifications. These laminate sheets are used in interior designing that brings out an opulent outlook. Besides, it is used in interior doors, shelving and cabinets as well as a wall panel. It is also used for surfacing furniture in hospitals, schools, offices, airports and residences.


  Ø  High-Bond strength

  Ø  Thermal resistance

  Ø  High tear strength

  Ø  Fire resistant

  Ø  Moisture resistant


  Ø  Furniture

  Ø  Column Casing

  Ø  Wall Paneling

  Ø  Countertops

  Ø  Kitchen Cabinets

  Ø  Cubicles, door skin and Signage


  Ø  Significantly diminishes the peril of noxious smoke

  Ø  This laminates do not allow the fire and toxic smoke to spread further





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