20W/40W Fiber Laser Marker

Miyachi's ML-7320C/7340C fiber laser marker is specially designed for marking on minute metals and plastics. Fiber laser enables high precision marking due to its high quality beam and high energy conversion factor. Employing high power 20W/40W fiber laser oscillator and pulse waveform control system, its marking speed and quality is outstandingly high. Further, stability of marking quality is improved; even when marking condition is changed its quality is unchanged.

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Fiber laser welder equipped with a Maximum 50W oscillator. The marking software has been replaced with the latest version of LM Draw 6 which is compatible with other AMADA MIYACHI's laser markers. It still keeps outstanding performance of high-speed and high-quality marking on metals and even plastics due to pulsed waveform control feature and becomes clearer deep-engraving and black-marking possible.



http://www.miyachiindia.com/images/productimgs/bluearrowsub.png High-power fiber laser oscillator enables high-quality deep engraving.(Select either 20W or 40W type)
http://www.miyachiindia.com/images/productimgs/bluearrowsub.png Optimum marking schedule can be selected from twenty-five kinds of waveform control features.
http://www.miyachiindia.com/images/productimgs/bluearrowsub.png High repetition rate up to 500kHz.
http://www.miyachiindia.com/images/productimgs/bluearrowsub.png Win Lase marking software compatible with Miyachi’s other markers.
http://www.miyachiindia.com/images/productimgs/bluearrowsub.png Motion control of X, Y, Z and theta axes.
http://www.miyachiindia.com/images/productimgs/bluearrowsub.png Fully air-cooling system and long-life laser diodes reduce initial costs and maintenance costs.
http://www.miyachiindia.com/images/productimgs/bluearrowsub.png Small footprint.
http://www.miyachiindia.com/images/productimgs/bluearrowsub.png CE, CDRH and RoHS certified


Standard Features :-

Compact design



Marking on electronic components, electric components, medical equipment, plastic parts, and silicon wafers. Black-marking on stainless steel parts. Deep-engraving of aluminum parts. Removal of coated paints on components. etc.


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