Transistor Power Supply

These units offer ultra-precise welding due to transistor control which enables reducing splash by fine-adjusting the weld current. Its fast current-control speed facilitates the welding of extra fine wire, such as that used as the filaments for electric bulbs. It is ideally suited to the welding of high resistance materials, such as molybdenum or tungsten.

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Fast current rises. 

Since the welding current rises 4.5 times faster than that with the *conventional welders, high quality welding can be accomplished in a short period of time on small work pieces. * Compared with the conventional model MD-1500E


No welding transformer needed 

The welding current is directly controlled with fast switching by transistor, so no welding transformer is required.


Three control types to choose from 

You can choose from three types of control - "constant current," "constant voltage," or "constant voltage and current" - to suit the workpieces.


Built-in pre-check function 

Applying current on the workpiece before the main current, it is possible to judge whether or not there is a workpiece set on the electrodes, and to evaluate the status of workpiece.


Polarity switchable type 

This can eliminate the Peltier effect (polarity effect) and provide uniform nugget diameters on series welding.


Two-channel type 

With this type, it can reduce the cast and save some spaces for time difference welding.


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