Thin-Film Scribing System

These systems have been used for in the various processes involved in the production of thin film photovoltaic cells, such as ablation, scribing, and marking. They will help increase the speed of your production lines and provide improved quality

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This system performs the scribing of patterns on various substrates: transparent electrodes (ITO or FTO) or metal electrodes used for flat panel displays, including touch screens, and photovoltaic cells of amorphous silicon (a-Si), metal compounds (CIGS), dye-sensitized types, or organic thin films; and energy conversion layers (a-Si) of photovoltaic cells. Combining our "top hat beam" technology, which was created by means of our unique special optics technologies, and our automated machine technologies, this system is equipped with a positioning function that uses image processing technology in order to provide uniform and ultra-precise scribing. 



It is equipped with our own proprietary high-quality laser oscillators designed especially for thin-film processing.

It is equipped with high power laser oscillators: 40 W max. for the P1 process and 30 W max. for the P2 or P3 process.

Its combination with variable attenuators enables high-accuracy beam branching to be achieved.

The fiber delivery method is used.

As the laser oscillators are completely separated from the processing units, it provides reduced vibrations, improved dust protection, and enhanced maintenance.

By employing compact design processing units, it can handle up to eight simultaneous processing lines (high throughput).

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