A type of computer controlled machine with small vinyl cutters that help in cutting shapes, letters or any design from thin sheets of self-adhesive plastic is termed as a vinyl cutter. The computer controls the movement of the blade and is definitely one of the most trending devices when compared to traditional screen printing. These are completely controlled by a software designed to create the print required and this is much compact and easy to use.

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 A vinyl plotter (or rather vinyl cutter) is a computer-controlled cutting device which hosts a cutter blade instead of a pen. A path based design is shaped in a software (commonly uses software program are Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw) and then, this path based data is sent to the cutter which cuts along the paths rested out in the design. The cutter is skilled to move the blades on both an X and Y axis over the self-adhesive plastic material, cutting it into the shape designed.

Because of the fact that the vinyl material is obtainable only in long rolls, designs with significant dimensions like banners or billboards can be cut easily.
Vinyl cutters can only cut shapes from fixed colours of vinyl material. A design or project with multiple colours must be arranged in such a way in which each colour must be cut separately and then covered on top of each other as it is applied to the substrate.

1.    One of the major advantage of the vinyl cutters is that the products they produce is extremely durable, and it’s resistance to colour fading and wear and tear outweigh most of the negatives of everyday applications. 
2.    Apart from vinyl cutters, the material used to print i.e. vinyl can be obtainable is various forms and colours which itself gives an edge to printing.
3.    Best-suited for printing 1-3 colour designs, names, logos, numbering of jerseys or automobile registration numbers, and lettering. 
4.    This type of printers do not require any setup time and all you require is the cut lines either designed by you or by your customer. 
5.    Many Vinyl cutters are equipped with their own layout design software that enables you to design your cut lines, ergo making it economical by removing the cost needed for expensive software.  Examples include Roland cutter that are equipped with CutStudio, GCC with GCC Greatcuts.  Most vinyl cutter software programs are also compatible with either Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator.
6.    No colour management required and hence what you see in the layout design is what you get.
7.    The cost remains the same to print one item or 10000 items.  Thereby no minimum order conditions required and many more!
8.    Fast, easy and efficient to produce, enabling for same day or even same hour production.

1.    The vinyl cutter is the basic level machinery for every signage enterprise. It is necessary for sign making. Computer designed vector path files with patterns, letters or shapes are cut on the vinyl roll which is mounted and fed into the vinyl cutter.
2.     Vinyl cutters are chiefly used to make signs, banners and advertisements. Advertisements seen on automobiles, buses and vans are commonly made with vinyl cutters.
3.    In addition, vinyl cutters are also generally used for clothing decoration. To decorate apparel, first we need to cut the patterns or letters that are necessary and then this needs to heat pressed on the apparel to obtain the desired result.
4.    It is also used to create letters that are stuck on automobile registration plates.
5.    This can also be used to cut silhouettes which are used for decorative purposes.























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Drive motor is the name for the engine of Vinyl Cutters. Stepper motors have older and simpler mechanics. They are more economical. Digital Server motors are smooth and precise. They have superior tracking and great for achieving greater precision in graphics.

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