Dominant Offset Printing Machine

Dominant Offset Printing Machine is the type of offset printing & universal printer and it is a technique in which the inked image is transferred from a plate to a rubber blanket, then to surface. The specifications of the product are dimension (L*H*W) (mm): 3200*1850*1700, 2000*1950*1230 etc, voltage (V): 300, 380 etc, power (kW): 1, 1.2 etc & current (A): 50, 100 etc. The applications are electrical & mining industry and it is used for printing magazine, brochure, envelope and visiting card.

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·         Highly praised

·         Low maintenance

·         Laterally & Running Circumferential Registration (RCR)

·         High-grade cast Ironside frames

·         Bearer-to-Bearer contact

·         No sheet & double sheet detector to prevent wastage

·         Auto impression On / Off

·         Fine & easy adjustment of grippers for various thickness of Paper/board

·         Pendent is to facilitate emergency impression trip sour, inching frontward & Reverse at each station both side for safety & convenience

·         Water re-circulation system with chilling unit

·         Precision ground & hard chrome plated balanced cylinders

·         Roller safety guard both sides

·         Automatic consolidated lubrication with cyclic timer

·         Quick plate clamp for fast installation & removal of plates

·         Hardened ground gears

·         Crawling speed for faster make ready

·         Automatic Ink roller wash-up device

·         Squashed main control panel, DC variable speed drive mechanism by means of Digital sheet counter & speedometer

·         Anti-set off powder spray system



·         Industry

·         Electrical industry

·         Mining industry

·         Mechanical components for furniture

·         Auto machines




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