Textile Dyeing Machinery

Textile dyeing machinery is used to impart dye to fabrics or yarn. Based on the needs of the textile, different dying machines are used. The aim is to achieve the exact shade of dye on the fabric.

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Detailed Description for Textile Dyeing Machinery

The role of a dyeing machine includes following 

1. Provide right and effective dye interchange.

2. Monitor and control of the temperature, and maintain the optimal temperature.

3. Check and regulate the dye chemicals used in the dye bath.


Types of dyeing: 

1. Fiber dyeing – This method is used to dye the fiber before blending it with other colors to manufacture ingenious fabrics. This is used in special cases.

2. Yarn dyeing – This type involves scouring, bleaching, dyeing and washing

3.  Fabric Dyeing – Basically, there are of two types Fabric dyeing.

1. Knit dyeing - It has a simple construction and usage. This type of dyeing machine is suitable for wet processing operations. Few disadvantages like lack of continuous length processing, crease marks on textile.

2. Woven Dyeing – This type is suitable for different weight fabric and processing. Crinkles are not possible with this type of dyeing.

Textile industry used variety of dyeing machines. Some dyeing machines with minor modifications can easily accommodate new types of dyes or textiles.

Classification of Textile dyeing machine

The Dyeing machines are broadly classified into two types – 

1. Rope Dyeing Machine – In Rope dyeing machines, the textile gets transported through the machine in a loosely collapsed form that appears like a rope. The downside with this type of dyeing machine is that abrasion of textiles which sometimes results in permanent creases, streaks etc. Widely used types of rope dyeing machine are jets, becks.

2. Open Width dyeing Machine – In Open width dyeing machine, the textile is maintained in a flat and open condition at all times.  This kind of machine works on the principle of applying tension to textiles. This too has the potential to form edge marks apart from creases in knitted goods.  Widely known varieties of open-width dyeing machines are beams, jigs and pad-batch.

Whether to opt for rope or open-width dyeing machine is totally dependent on the ability of the fabric to defy the mechanical strains involved in the above two methods of dyeing.

Advanced technologies are used to achieve various functions like Automatic Reverse, Length Count, Temperature Control, and way change.

Recent technical developments have led to the development of package dyeing machine into a highly sophisticated and economic process. The latest Package Dyeing machines can achieve accurate control and automation. Generally, the term package dyeing refers to dyeing of yarn that has been wound on perforated cores.  Common types of package dyeing machines are Vertical Spindle Machines, Horizontal Spindle Machines.

Advantages of Package Dyeing Machine

As a result of intense research and development, package dyeing machine has evolved into a very advanced machine. Package dyeing machines offer many benefits:

1. Reduction in yarn handling.

2. Suited for automatic control.

3. Support large batches.

4. Can support dyeing at high temperatures.

5. Helps to save water, effluent and energy.

6. Uniform liquor circulation, leading to even dye application.

7. Machine provides a good enclosed working condition at the dyeing factory.

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Seema S

What to look for in your machinery Posted on 8/16/2016

Automation process is very important to look for in a dyeing machine. With latest advancements, the automation can streamline the whole process and improve the quality and productivity. You can look for features like Time temperature profile (ramp& soak) for controlling the rate of rise & fall during thermo-regulation. Also operations like heating , cooling, pressurization and depressurization can be done automatic. These features are not just nice to have but also very useful in long run for the business. Check with your vendors for the automatic features available before you make the purchase.

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