Underground Magnetic Marker

Magnetic markers are a class of instruments that make use of magnetic field to detect buried underground assets. This tape is used for accuracy and preventing damage to valuable underground utility installations. In order to find underground assets, It has an aluminum backing . When locating utilities such as electrical lines, gas pipes and communication cables, properly installed tape helps avoid catastrophically inaccurate in digging.

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Underground magnetic markers

Magnetic markers are a class of instruments that make use of magnetic field to detect buried underground assets. All ferrous based and non-ferrous based utilities can be easily detected by means of a ground penetration radar. 


Magnetic location is a tremendously efficient utility that is used to locate buried PVC. The firms that implement magnetic marking ability are likely to find and mark subsurface utilities accurately. This method also suffers less damage to any underground asset. 


The markers are designed to be buried directly above the underground utilities like plastic pipes and fiber optic cables. It detects magnetic field of iron and steel and energized power lines. 


They are easy to install and permanent. The range of location depends on the type of locator used and the sensitivity of the sensor. It usually varies up to 10 feet.

It is used for a precise measurement of magnetic field in underground utilities. 




• They are a mode of fast location of utilities.


• They are good at finding ferrous based materials underground.


• They produce more consistent signals.


• They are also used in conjunction with non-ferrous lines like PVC water pipes.


• They are more reliable than tracer wires.


• Ease of deployment


• Easy to find 


• They are less susceptible to mistakes. 




• Superior strength


• Long lasting


• Magnetic orientation are clear and consistent


• The product is made of quality materials


• Color coded according to the standards implemented


• Inexpensive


• High resistance to corrosion and moisture


• Easy installation


Major utility locations are performed by utility firms, municipalities and location contractors. The electromagnetic locators are handheld devices used to trace current flowing in the underground lines. 

Current based location tracers are used in all kinds of lines. They are not dependent on ferrous base. Magnetic markers combined with magnetic locators are extremely effective solution to many utility locating problems.

Magnetic markers can be buried more deeply than ferrous based markers. Hence, they are less susceptible to accidental disturbances. 


Magnetic lines of force used to detect the utilities are tighter to have the operators detect and estimate depth and horizontal locations more effectively. This also helps the markers to distinguish from other underground junks like old pipes, rebar, car parts etc. It becomes easier to distinguish between the weak flux of diffused signals from junk and strong signal from the magnet. And the magnetic flux does not weaken over time.

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