Bend and Re-Bend Testing Machine

Bend and Re-Bend Testing Machine is suitable for bend test of the metallic material rods and bars. They are widely applied in the metallurgy, the building materials, the universities, colleges, the Scientific research Unit and institutes.The range of bend steel bars diameter available is 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm and so on. The angle of steel bar bends test is 0°, 30°, 45° and 90°adjustable. The rotating speed of working plate is ≤ 3.7 r/min.

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The machine is suitable for bend test of the metallic material rods and bars, the plate, spiral steel, and widely applies in the building materials, the Scientific research Unit, the metallurgy, colleges, the universities and institutes, the commodity inspection department and the quality detection center.




This tester is specialized in testing the flexing endurance between blades and power cord and is capable of testing the flexibility resistance of the cord itself. Samples are usually secured in the jaws of the flexing apparatus, and the cord is to hang vertically with the weight tied on to its lower end. The rotating jaws are to be adjusted to rotate to the angle of 90 degrees to each side of the center position. When a certain cycle is reached or until the specimen is broken, detect the calculate the total cycles or breakage ratio. This machine is able to auto – count and auto-stop during specimen broken.



·         The Bend Testing Machine is an equipment professionally used to commit the bending test for reinforced bar, steel bar, and it can also do bending test for steel pipe and steel plate.

·          It will do bending test in negative and positive directions as standards CE, ASTM A615M, ISO 7438, and ASTM A615and ISO10065.

·          The bending testing machine has the features of compact structure, direct display the bending angle, smooth running, easy operation, safety and low noise.

·         The steel bar bend testing machine can be used to do reverse bend and bend test on the plane.

·         It is an important equipment to test screw thread steel bar's recreating character in the steel factory and architectural company.

·          It can be used to bend the steel bar on-site so that construct and test can be done on one machine.

·         The testing machine has many advantages, such as compact structure, small size, easy operation, low noise, smooth and steady running, and easy lubricating and directly bend angle     display, the especially reasonable design of limit position and easily damaged parts, so it has a long using time.        



·         ISO 15630-1

·         ISO 6935-2

·         ASTM A615

·         ASTM A615

·         A615M-09B

·         BS 4449

·         GB1499.2-2007



·         Steel bar Bending and rebinding testing.

·         Steel bar bending testing.

·         Round bar Bending testing.

·         Bending Test.

·         Reverse Bending Test.

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