Brinell Hardness Tester

The Brinell hardness tester is used to test hardness. Its minimum measuring unit is 0.005mm and time duration taken to measure lies between 5- 60sec. Power supply required for it to work is AC220V, 50/60Hz.Testing Force allowed range is 62.5kgf(612.9N)-125kgf 1226N). Dimension of machine available are 893×720×470mm and 550×210×750mm.

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The Brinell hardness tester is used for hardness tests and also reflect the comprehensive features of the material, and the test is not affected by the compositional unevenness of the specimen and the organization micro-dioptre; therefore hardness testing has high precision. The Brinell hardness test is widely used in such industrial fields like forging, casting, metallurgy, unhardened steel and nonferrous metals industries, as well as in the universities, colleges, scientific research institutes and laboratories.


Brinell hardness tester working principles:

The Certain diameter of the ball in a certain test force under the action of a certain speed, pressed into the surface of the specimen, the holding time after the predetermined test force removable test force. In the sample indentation spherical surface area of the average pressure to represent the Brinell hardness value of the metal.


Brinell hardness tester features:

·         The advantage of Brinell hardness test is its hardness representative is commonly used in the 10mm diameter ball indenter, 3000Kg test force, the indentation area and can reflect the average of the metal in the large range of the constituent phases combined effects surface from the influence of the individual components of phase and micro-unevenness, therefore particularly suitable for the determination of gray cast iron, a bearing alloy of a metal material and having a coarse grain. Its test data stability, reproducibility, and accuracy is higher than Rockwell, below Vickers. In addition, the Brinell hardness and tensile strength value between good corresponding relationships.

·       Brinell hardness tester is characterized by a larger indentation, product testing difficult test process is more complex than Rockwell hardness test measurement operation, and because of the indentation edge of the raised, sunken or smooth transition will the indentation diameter measurements lead to considerable error, and therefore requires the operator to have the skilled test technology and rich experience, and general requirements for operation by a specialized laboratory assistant.



·     The hardness tester is generally used in metallurgy, forging, hardness steel, casting and nonferrous metals industries, as well as in the universities, laboratories, college and scientific research institutes.

·       This digital Brinell hardness tester is a fresh generation tester that is locally advanced. It is also used to determine Brinell hardness for ferrous metal and non-ferrous metal automatically.






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