Optical Brinell Hardness Tester

Optical Brinell hardness Tester is designed for Brinell hardness measurement of the ferrous material, steel and also non-ferrous material like bronze, brass, aluminum and so on. The material can be forged, cast or rolled, therefore it is available is different shapes and size. The dimensions available is 520*240*700mm, 539*260*650mm.The maximum height allowed ranges from 100mm-200mm.Test force load allowed range is 306.5-1839N.

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The Optical Brinell Hardness Tester that shows the largest indentation to reflect the comprehensive features of the material, and the test is not affected by the organization micro-dioptre and the compositional unevenness of the specimen is a hardness testing with high precision.


Brinell hardness tester working principles:

The Certain diameter of the ball in a certain test force under the action of a certain speed, pressed into the surface of the specimen, the holding time after the predetermined test force removable test force. In the sample indentation spherical surface area of the average pressure to represent the Brinell hardness value of the metal.

·         This is designed for Brinell hardness measurement of the ferrous material, steel and also on non-ferrous material like Bronze, Brass, and Aluminium. The material can be troupe, forged or moved and the shape can be flat, round or irregular.

·         This machine is a modified version which is provided with an inbuilt optical system of magnification.

·         An Automatic indenter is provided which tilts the indenter once the impression is made and the magnified image is visible on the screen for measurement with least count (Direct indentation measurement system).

·         Thus this machine gives accurate and fast results with less operator fatigue.

·         This machine is mostly useful for production testing in Auto Shops, Foundries, Heat treatment units, Forge shops etc.

·         Its unique design and stability of a floating fulcrum lever system ensure dependability and high accuracy.

·         The load system is of dead mass type mutual with the mechanical lever system.

·         The supporting hydraulic system is meant for dumping the load application system for smooth application of load and initial lifting of the load before each test.





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