Coil Spring Testing Machine

Coil spring testing machine is designed to test springs and coil springs under compression and bending loads. They are available in various size like 250*2400, 400*2400 and so on. They have good load resolution from 5,10, and so on.Maximum load capacity ranges from 100-200kN;Total Size of machine available are 250*2400mm and 400*2400mm.

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Detailed Description for Coil Spring Testing Machine


• It has loading accuracy as good as ±1%. 
• To suit a wide range of materials it strains at variable speeds. 
• PC graphs and Printer enables to study the behaviour of the material.
• Motor driven threaded column are present for quick effortless adjustment of test height. 
• Simple to read because of digital readouts. 
• Testing of a wide range of springs is possible because of large effective test space. 
• Extremely rigid construction of a Robust training frame. 
• Safe operation is ensured by safety devices.
• Fully protected and enclosed pressure transducer. 
• Serial port to transfer data to a computer for storage/analysis and evaluation. 
• Release valve operation and Manual Control. 


Application :

Spring Testing Machine is designed to test coil springs under compression and bending loads and laminated springs.


The features include :

• Real Period Graph, User responsive software. 
• Wide graphics on screen for curve magnification, plotting and zooming. 
• Software features include point tracing facility and Graph comparison.



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