Dial Calibration Tester

Dial Calibration Tester is used for calibration of Dials, and its main applications is to calibrate the lever type dial, plunger type dial & lever type dial. This machine has an accuracy of about 0.0025mm. Measuring Range ranges from 0mm - 25mm.

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Dial Calibration Tester is useful for calibration of Plunger, Back Plunger Type and Lever Type Dial Guages and Bore Guages Periodically.

Calibration of various Measuring Instruments is of vital importance for Quality Assurance as well as cost reduction. Calibration records of Basic Instruments like Lever Type Dial and Plunger Type Gauges is necessary. Such a tester is the solution to meet this requirement, if coupled with PC, it gives a printout of readings taken with analysis of parameters. This can be obtained with the help of software and Foot Pedal supplied as an optional unit with the equipment.





>Precise and sensitive micrometer drum with non rotating anvil provides the required fine drive.


>Robust in construction with vertical stand helps for clear visibility and easy operation.


>Design based on Abbe's principle, that is the evaluation axis and the measuring axis are in the same line.


>Direct comparative measurement gives the exact accuracy.


>Can be placed horizontally to accommodate the Lever Type Dials & Dial Bore gauges for calibration.


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