Digital Fatigue Testing Machine

Digital fatigue testing machine is compact, light and simple design used to test the fatigue strength of materials. The accuracy of applied bending moment of this machine is +/- 1% and has a digital counter of 8 digits.Maximum bending moment() ranges from1- 2.5Nm.The testing diameter of the specimen() ranges from 6-10mm.The weight of the machine is approximately 100 or 120KG.

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Digital fatigue testing machine is used to test the Fatigue Strength of materials and to draw the S-N diagram by laboratories, material manufacturers, research institutes, and various industries. This is a rotating beam type machine in which weight is useful in inverted twist fashion. The sample is held in special holders at its ends and loaded such that it experience a uniformed bending moment. The specimen is rotated by a motor. A complete cycle of reversed stresses in all fibres of the specimen is released during every revolution. The bending moment is applied to a lever system and can be easily changed by moving a weight. A total number of revolutions at which the specimen fails is recorded by a Digital counter.



 It has table model, no need for any foundation.








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