Rockwell Cum Rockwell Superficial Hardness Testing Machine

Hardness Testing Machine is a collective hardness testing machine used to measure the hardness of metals and alloys of all kinds, rigid or soft, whether round, flat or irregular in shapes. The display available in digital and analog. Maximum depth ofeElevating screw below the base (mm) is 230, and 295. Machine height (mm) is 635, 865 and so on.

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Rockwell hardness testing is a general method for measuring the bulk hardness of metallic and polymer materials. Although hardness testing does not give a direct measurement of any performance properties, hardness of a material correlates directly with its strength, wear resistance, and other properties. Hardness testing is widely used for material evaluation because of its simplicity and low cost relative to direct measurement of many properties. Specifically, conversion charts from Rockwell hardness to tensile strength are available for some structural alloys, including steel and aluminum.

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Rockwell & Rockwell Superficial tests consists of forcing an indentor (Diamond or Ball) into the surface of a test piece in two steps i.e. first with preliminary test force and thereafter with additional test force and then measuring depth of indentation after removal of additional test force for measurement of hardness value.

Brinell test consists of forcing a hardened ball into surface of a test piece with a specified test-force and measuring the diameter of indentation for evaluation of Brinell hardness number.





>Quality control for metal heat treatment


>Incoming material inspection


>Weld evaluations in steels and other alloys


>Grade verification for hard plastics


>Failure analysis


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