A tensometer is a method used to evaluate the stretchable things of materials such as their Young's modulus and tensile strength. It is typically a universal testing machine loaded with a sample between two grips that are either adjusted physically or mechanically to apply force to the specimen. The load is measured by load cells. Load resolution is 0.01% and so on.

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A tensometer is a device used to determine a material's response to varying strains, called loads. The amount of stretch that a material has when it is under strain provides important information about the material’s tensile strength and fatigue strength. Tensometer devices are routinely used in the manufacturing industry to ensure that parts meet necessary strength and endurance requirements.

Tensometer devices consist of two grips that hold a section of test material in place. These grips are then used to apply a tensile or compression force, called a load, to the test piece. Tensometer instruments can create the force through the use of either a screw or a hydraulic ram, which are powered by mechanical or electrical means.


Typical Applications:


>Rubber and Elastomers



>Wires and Cables

>Cords and Textiles





>Engineering Components


Mechanical Tests Supported : 













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