Actinometer weigh 251g or 0.55LB. It is available in operating temp/humidity of 0 to 50C degree. Power supply needed is 9 Volts battery, 006P,MN 1604(PP3) or equivalent. Power consumption is approximately DC6mA. It is available in Golden yellow and silver color. It is used in industries and laboratory .

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Accelerometer is a device that measures approximate acceleration ("g-force"). Acceleration is not the same as coordinate acceleration. For ex, an accelerometer at rest on the surface of the Earth will measure an acceleration g= 9.81 m/s2 upwards. By contrast, accelerometer in free fall will measure zero.

Accelerometers have applications in industry and science. Sensitive accelerometers has  components of inertial navigation systems for aircraft and missiles. Accelerometers is used to detect and monitor vibration in rotating machine. Accelerometers is used in tablet computers and digital cameras so that images on screens are always displayed. Accelerometers is used  for flight stabilisation. These devices are also known as gravity gradiometers, as they measure gradients in the gravitational field. 

Single and multi models of the accelerometer are available to detect magnitude and direction of acceleration and can be used to sense orientation, coordinate acceleration, vibration and falling in a resistive medium.Machined accelerometers are increasingly present in electronic devices , video games and controllers to detect the position of the device.


Actinometer in chemistry, a substance or a mixture of substances that reacts through the action of light and that because of the easily determined quantitative relationship between the extent of the reaction and the energy of the absorbed light, is used as a standard for measurement of light energies involved in photochemical work.

A typical actinometer is a liquid solution of oxalic acid containing uranyl sulfate. Light has wavelength range from 2,080 to 4,350 angstroms  decomposes the oxalic acid (through a complex process involving initial absorption of the light energy by the uranyl ion) into a mixture of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and water. A standard solution is generally irradiated with light of the proper wavelength and intensity, and the quantity of oxalic acid decomposed is accuratly measured by titration with potassium permanganate. The experimentally determined relationship between the quantity of oxalic acid transformed and the quantity of light energy absorbed can then be used as a scale from which to predict either quantity when the other is known or measured.


    Professional,high-quality UV meter
    Ultra-violet irradiation measurement for UVA&UVB
    Sensor with cosine correction filter
    zero button
    Microprocessor circuit provides high reliability and durability
    Separate UV light probe allows user to measure UV light at an optimum position
    UV detector spectrum from 290nm to 390nm
    High and Low measurement range 19990 and 1999 uW/cm^2
    Exclusive UV sensor structure
    LCD display,easy readout
    Heavy duty&compact housing case





  • Monitoring blue light radiation hazards in welding
  • UV sterilization
  • Graphic arts
  • Photochemical matching
  • UV ERPOM erasure
  • Photoresist exposure
  • Curing of inks,adhesives and coatings



  • Weathering "degradation studies"
  • UV sterilization
  • Virology
  • Microbial genetics
  • DNA research,Biologic hoods
  • General laboratory use


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