Rubber and plastic electronic densimeter is used to measure water temperature and solution compensation setting. It is easy to operate. Its weight is 6kg. Measuring range is 0.005~900g and Density accuracy is 0.001 g/cm. Densimeter is available in different colors and its used for rubber, plastic, electric wire, hard alloy and new materials research lab.

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Densimeter is to measure the density of various materials, such as plastic, rubber, powder... It also can be used as balance to measure the loss in mass and volume when do abrasion test.It is suitable for Rubber, Plastic, Electric wire, Hard alloy, New materials research lab etc







Gamma ray



Rubber and Plastic Densimeter



1.  Rubber and Plastic Electronic Densimeter has function of water temperature and solution compensation setting and more humanized operation, Conforming to the on-site demand.


2.  Rubber and Plastic  Densimeter has RS-232 interface, it easily connected to PC and printer easily


Electronic Densimeter


Rubber, plastic, tire, shoe materials, wire and cables, electrical apparatus, packing materials, metal, powder metallurgy, sports goods and equipments, glass, hard alloy, magnetic materials, fireproof materials, mineral and stone etc.


(1)Solid samples of any shape is measured. 

(2)No cap design, more better easy operation.

(3)Weight precision.

(4)Function of 10 groups data storage and automatical measuring value of average, maximum and minimum.

(5)Measuring volume and percentage of volume.

(6)Either density is less than one or more than one can be measured.

 (7)Function of automatic zero tracking, buzzer warning and overload warning.










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