Densitometers are also called reflection densitometer and also specifically called reflection densitometer.Densitometers are used to calculate or measure the degree of darkness(optical density) of a photographic,semitransparent material or a reflecting surfaceThe repeatability is ± 0.02D (density), ± 1% (dot area) and the linearity error is ± 0.02D (density), ± 1% (dot area) .The measuring time is about 2 secoends and the displa type is LCD display.Test range is 0.001g to 120g.

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A densitometer is a device that analyzes the degree of darkness (the optical density) of a photographic or semitransparent material or of a reflecting surface.The product is basically a light source aimed at a photoelectric cell.It calculates the density of a sample located between the light source and the photoelectric cell from differences in the readings.Modern densitometers have similar components, but also have electronic integrated circuitry for better reading.




Print quality control, and sample print contrast differences, CTP plate-making linearizatio, correction and leaving the membrane rate. Suitable for printing, newspaper,

CTP plate making, leather, automotive and other industries indispensable tool for color detection

Automatic color recognition, reading accuracy, good stability, easy operation and a series of advantages, but also has high-end LCD display, portable features.

The product uses a lithium-ion battery, a charge can work continuously for 72 hours, and has battery power auto-detect function.





Transmission densitometers that analyze transparent materials

      Reflection densitometers that measure light reflected from a surface


     Some modern devices of German manufacture are capable of both types of measurements selectable by a switch.

     They are applied in the field of film photography to measure densities of negatives with the switch in the "T" (Transmission) location and the saturation of the output print in the "R" position

      Such measurements enable the photographer to choose the suitable photo paper and the right amount of exposure, obviating experiments with test strips. Once the papers and darkroom have been calibrated, the first print from a previously measured negative is a success at once.



·         Densitometers are used for calculating  color saturation by print experts

·         Calibration of printing equipment

·         It serves as one of the molecular tools for gene study, to quantify the radioactivity of a compound such as radiolabeled DNA.

·         They are also used for making alterations so that outputs are consistent with the colors desired in the finished products.






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