LED Metal Magnifier

LED metal magnifier is also known as lighted magnifying glass or magnifying lamp.They consist of two AAA batteries, two push switches for level 1 and level 2.It is versatile and it illuminates when you magnify, they are used to magnify and look at maps, circuit boards, hallmarks and stamps.They reduce eye strain and are convenient to use at home , offices and while travelling.

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With ON/OFF, 

push switch for Level I, Level II or off function

With 10 LED light, 

ideal for reading assistance in low-light conditions    

Reduces eye strain

Light weight as well as very functional     

Convenient for home, office and travel       

Works with 2 x AAA batteries (not included)



The Versatile Set for Your Home, Workshop or Travel Bag


Portable and rigid enough to take with you wherever you go, this set is the only magnifying solution you need. Use it to find out the small text on those pesky pill bottles. Reach for it when you are performing medical care at home like removing splinters. The durable structure of our lenses and sturdy handle means even kids can use it safely for science experiments.


Illuminates While You Magnify

This beautiful magnifier comes equipped with two powerful, energy-efficient LED bulbs built into the handle, which provide ample light for whatever you are viewing through the glass. The LED lights run on three AAA batteries, giving hours of continuous use.


Used for close inspection of items like map, circuit boards, hallmarks, stamps. Also suitable for  coin collectors, hobbyists and collectors of antique styles



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