Ph meters have high accuracy, good repetition, self-diagnostic for easy troubleshooting and meter factory reset function. Calibration point range is 1-3 points;Dimension is 144*144*125mm or 96*96*110mm.Users can use this function to reset the meter to the factory default and data log for convenient operation. It is used in the chemical laboratory, for soil pH measurements ,to check water quality for water supply systems and swimming pools.

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A pH Meter is a device uses along potentiometrically measuring the pH, which is either the concentration or the activity of hydrogen ions, of an aqueous solution. It usually has a glass electrode plus a calomel reference electrode, or a combination electrode.[1] pH meters are usually used to measure the pH of liquids, though special probes are sometimes used to measure the pH of semi-solid substances.


 High accuracy


 Good repetition


 Self-diagnostic for easy trouble-shooting


 Meter factory reset function: users can use this function to reset the meter to the factory default and data log for convenient operation


 3 set buffer selectionNIST, USA, DIN


 1-3 points automatic push-button calibration


 Electrode slope display for easy judgment of electrode performance


 Selectable automatic/manual temperature compensation


 Stability and average function for optimized results


Knowledge of pH to greater or lesser accuracy is useful or critical in a great many situations, including of course chemical laboratory work. pH meters of various types and quality can be used for soil measurements in agriculture; water quality for water supply systems, swimming pools, etc.; brewing, industrially or domestically; healthcare, to ensure that solutions are safe when applied to patients or lethal as sterilants and disinfectants; and many other applications.


pH meters range from simple and inexpensive pen-like devices to complex and expensive laboratory instruments with computer interfaces and several inputs for indicator and temperature measurements to be entered to adjust for the variation in pH caused by temperature. Specialty meters and probes are available for use in special applications, harsh environments, etc. There are also holographic pH sensors, which allow pH measurement colorimetrically.


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