Users can scale and calibrate zero by keys on a front panel.It has a convenient operation, stable measurement performance,flexible and accurate,locating more measurement mode, PC Software—realize more function expansion, advanced power management design.Measuring range is 0.005×10-7A—2000×10-7A;Weight may be 23Kg or 17kg;Battery life is more than 3000 measurements.Photometers are used in Photon counting,photography.

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A Photometer, generally, is an instrument that measures light intensity or optical properties of solutions or surfaces. Photometers measure:



Light absorption

Scattering of light

Reflection of light


User can scale and calibrate zero by keys on front panel

Four and a half digit ADC accuracy, five digit nixie tube display

4 different ranges automatically switches between each other

Measuring range for luminous flux depends on the sensitivity of light collector and detector



Photon counting



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