Pyrometers are used in Smelter Industry,Gas turbine engines,Steam boilers etc.It is very safe to use.The temperature range can be made as required.This instrument can test the temperature quickly and accurately, used in various occasions with the adaptable thermocouple supporting.

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A pyrometer is a type of remote-sensing thermometer used to measure the temperature of a surface. Various forms of pyrometers have historically existed. In the modern usage, it is a device that from a distance determines the temperature of a surface from the spectrum of the thermal radiation it emits, a process known as pyrometry and sometimes radiometry.


1.Good hand feeling 

2. The temperature range, widely used in the industry and household filed;

3. Only ±2% error range ,makes the high accuracy;

4. Simple one-Handed operation




Pyrometers are suited especially to the measurement of moving objects or any surfaces that can not be reached or can not be touched.


Smelter Industry


Measuring the Combustion Temperature of Coke in the Blast Furnace using an Optical Pyrometer, Fixed Nitrogen Research Laboratory, 1930


Temperature is a fundamental parameter in metallurgical furnace operations. Reliable and continuous measurement of the melt temperature is essential for effective control of the operation. Smelting rates can be maximized, slag can be produced at the optimum temperature, fuel consumption is minimized and refractory life may also be lengthened. Thermocouples were the traditional devices used for this purpose, but they are unsuitable for continuous measurement because they melt and degrade.


Gas turbine engines


Pyrometers may be fitted to experimental gas turbine engines to measure the surface temperature of turbine blades. Such pyrometers can be paired with a tachometer to tie the pyrometer output with the position of an individual turbine blade. Timing combined with a radial position encoder allows engineers to determine the temperature at exact points on blades moving past the probe.


Steam boilers


A steam boiler may be fitted with a pyrometer to measure the steam temperature in the superheater.



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