Rotameters have Simple installation and start-up,Compact design, Low maintenance,Limit switches are optional,All variants come with high quality needle valves,No wearing parts ,Fragment protection.It is used in Fine metering,Gas chromatography,Minimum level monitoring and control etc.

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A Rotameter is a device that measures the flow rate of fluid in a closed tube.It belongs to a class of meters called variable area meters, which measure flow rate by allowing the cross-sectional area the fluid travels through, to vary, causing a measurable effect.


  • A rotameter requires no external power or fuel, it uses only the inherent properties of the fluid, along with gravity, to measure flow rate.
  • A rotameter is also a relatively simple device that can be mass manufactured out of cheap materials, allowing for its widespread use.
  • Since the area of the flow passage increases as the float moves up the tube, the scale is approximately linear.[1]
  • Clear glass is used which is highly resistant to thermal shock and chemical action.


• Simple installation and start-up

• Compact design

• Low maintenance

• Limit switches are optional

• All variants come with high quality needle valves

• No wearing parts

• Fragment protection



• Fine metering

• Gas chromatography

• Minimum level monitoring and control

• In connection with a differential pressure regulator: Ensures constant flow rate in the case of

variable inlet or outlet pressure



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