Taximeter are Smart appearance ,Easy paper loading,Low noise thermal printing,Different interfaces optional,Front panel make paper replacement easily,Easily embedded to any kinds of instruments and meters.It is Used for Customer receipt,Work order,Direct Store Delivery note,Tax collection,Line busting etc.

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A taximeter is a mechanical or electronic device installed in taxicabs and auto rickshaws that calculates passenger fares based on a combination of distance travelled and waiting time. It is the shortened form of this word that gives the "taxi" its name.



Mechanical autorickshaw meter

Taximeters can include several accessories, or act as components in larger dispatching/control systems. Features include:

Ticket/receipt printer

Fraud control and prevention (on the part of the owner or operator), through the impression of control tickets or computer monitoring. Additionally, taximeters are often visually sealed by a municipal weights and scales authority after initial calibration.

Radio communication, allowing trip status to be monitored by a dispatcher or supervisor.

Dispatching of trip assignments through radio or data systems.

Interaction with GPS systems to assist with dispatching & to provide security.

Seat sensors that detect the presence of a passenger (to prevent a cab from carrying fares without activating the taximeter)

Credit or prepaid card support



Customer receipt

Work order

Direct Store Delivery noteTax collection

Line busting

Table side ordering

Taxi / Train fare receipt

Shelf labels

Instant price tag label




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