Dial Vernier Caliper

A dial caliper is one type of precise measuring instrument used in the manufacturing industry. Several types of measurements can be taken with a dial caliper. The outside measuring contacts can measure the outside diameter, the length, the height, or the thickness of a part. The inside measuring contacts can measure the inside diameter of a part. The depth rod at the end of the bar can measure the depth of a part.The dial caliper has a range from .001” to 6”.

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The dial caliper features the beam lock, dial, depth rod, dial calibration lock, main scale, two fixed jaws and two moveable jaws. The two upper jaws and the two lower jaws are used to measure inside areas and outside areas respectively. The depth rod can measure the depth of the holes or crevices. The most outstanding feature of it is that a dial indicator mounted on the movable jaw which provides a direct reading in inches or millimeters. Inch-type dial calipers are accurate to 0.001.

While millimeter dial calipers are accurate to 0.02mm or 0.01mm. Metric dial calipers typically measure from 0 to 150mm (6 inch); however, there are also 300mm (12 inch) dial calipers. They come in two versions. Perhaps more common is the type with 0.02 millimeter divisions on the dial face and in which one full revolution of the pointer corresponds to 2 millimeters. The other version is the 0.01 millimeter division; one revolution of the dial indicator needle equals 1 mm. The main scale of a British Imperial dial caliper is divided into one-thousandth (0.001) inch graduations. Therefore, one revolution of the dial indicator needle equals one-tenth inch on the bar scale. On a metric dial calipers the bar scale is divided into 2-mm increments.



Features :

Good shockproof.
Clear and direct reading.
Can measure outside diameter (O.D), inside diameter (I.D), depth and steps.



How to Read a dial Caliper

Dial caliper is a handy and versatile measuring tool. It can measure I.D, O.D, Step and depth. Parts of a dial caliper


Clean the measuring faces before and after measurement.Close the jaws and check that the indicator points to "0" on the dial face.If caliper doesn't zero, loosen the bezel clamp screw and rotate the bezel to the "0" position.Tighten the bezel clamp screw to fix the "0" position.

Dial graduation of .001" and .100" in one revolution for dial caliper of inch system.

Dial graduation of 0.02mm or 0.01mm and 2mm or 1mm in one revolution for dial caliper of metric system.


 For example, a measurement of 15.43 millimetres would be obtained by reading 15mm on the main scale, and then adding 0.43mm as determined by the dial(as shown in the image).

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