Wattmeter is a device used to measure utility frequency power and audio frequency power.It is extensively used in the electronics,electrical, and communication industries.The measuring energy range is 1~9999.It is available in analogue and digital displays.Rated currents are 5(20)A, 5(40)A, 10(40)A, 10(50)A.They are available is frequencies of 50Hz and 60Hz.Starting currents are 0.04Ib(1.0S), 0.05Ib(2.0S).They are also used in the field of engineering and communication.

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The Wattmeter is an instrument for measuring the electric power (or the supply rate of electrical energy) in watts of any given circuit. Electromagnetic wattmeters are used for measurement of utility frequency and audio frequency power; other types are required for radio frequency measurements.


Electronic wattmeter

Electronic wattmeters are used for direct, small power measurements or for power measurements at frequencies beyond the range of electrodynamometer-type instruments.

Digital wattmeter

 A modern digital electronic wattmeter/energy meter samples the voltage and current thousands of times a second. For each sample, the voltage is multiplied by the current at the same instant; the average over at least one cycle is the real power. The real power divided by the apparent volt-amperes (VA) is the power factor. A computer circuit uses the sampled values to calculate RMS voltage, RMS current, VA, power (watts), power factor, and kilowatt-hours. The readings may be displayed on the device, retained to provide a log and calculate averages, or transmitted to other equipment for further use. Wattmeters vary considerably in correctly calculating energy consumption, especially when real power is much lower than VA (highly reactive loads, e.g. electric motors). Simple meters may be calibrated to meet specified accuracy only for sinusoidal waveforms. Waveforms for switched-mode power supplies as used for much electronic equipmentmay be very far from sinusoidal, leading to unknown and possibly large errors at any power. This may not be specified in the meter's manual.



 1 Front board three fixed hole installation, terminal block is make of bakelite material, which is moisture- resistant, fire-retardant, high temperature overall.

2 Way of connection: direct connection, through CT, through CT&PT.

3 High accuracy and stability: there is no need to re-calibrate for long term operation.

4 steel and antirust base and long terminal cover, transparent glass cover. May select other materials, such as ABS, Polycarbonate etc.

5 Standard configuration unidirectional 5+1 digits analog register (99999.1kwh), may select LCD or LED display.

6 May extend Communication port, such as RS485, RS232, IR (infrared radiation) etc.

7 simple structure, small volume, low power consumption and light weight etc.



Commercial Broadcasting

Wireless Communication

Public Safety



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