Bench Top Weighing Scales

Bench top weighing scales are also commonly called weighing machine and are used widely in the engineering industry.They display type is a large LCD/LED display, the scaling is bench scale and the battery is rechargeable and the operational time is 100 hours.It is widely used for commercial purposes, also in the field of health and science.

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Bench Top Weighing Scales is widely used for weighing in Paper, Textile, Plastics and Food. The scale is manufactured efficiently by using premium quality of raw materials under the guidance of experienced professionals and tested. Owing to features such as, extreme durability, exact measuring and optimum design, due to which it mentions globally. This Weighing Scale is offered in variety of dimensions and specifications or as per the application requirements of the clients.



Improved Precision Load Cell.

Bigger Liquid Crystal Display.

Hold Function Selectable.

Dual Weight Unit Kg/lb.

Auto-Calibrating Function.

Multi-Purpose Tray for Infant and Baby

Long Battery Operation Time:100Hrs

Built in Rechargable Battery.

Export quality Digital Baby Scale.






An exact scale is critical for restaurants and other food industries that must  food for sale. Meats, fruits and vegetables are usually sold by the pound; if you cannot correctly weigh an object the price per pound could vary widely from the actual weight. According to RestaurantReport, even at a lucrative restaurant food costs around one-third of the total sale price. Labor and food can total 50 to 75 percent of total sales. Thus, even an blunder of only a few percentage points can have a large impact on a business's profit.



A weighing scale is an essential product to maintaining the health of your body and measuring the Improvement of a growing kid. The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute uses a person's weight to calculate a Body Mass Index that can predict if you are under or overweight. To calculate BMI you divide your height in inches divided by total weight in pounds. An average BMI alters in the 18 to 24 range.


Chemists often deal with chemical equations that call for special amounts of substances and different concentrations of solutions. If you wanted to make 1 gram of a 20 percent solution of sodium chloride (table salt), you would need to measure out 0.2 grams of NaCl and 0.8 grams of water, if not you cannot get an exact 20 percent solution.





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