Ohmmeters have LCD digital display with a big screen for easy reading.Auto-ranging for easy operation,Output short circuit current is more than 1m A.Serving powerful ability of charging capacitive loads,special design can guarantee stable indication of high-value resistance.Resistance test range is 0-100mΩ (50A) or 0-50mΩ;Weight ranges from 5-9.5kg;operating Voltage range is 2.2-5.5V.It is used in Engineering industries and laboratries.

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An Ohmmeter is an electrical instrument that measures electrical resistance, the opposition to an electric current. Micro-ohmmeters (microhmmeter or microohmmeter) make low resistance measurements. Megohmmeters (also a trademarked device Megger) measure large values of resistance. The unit of measurement for resistance is ohms (Ω).


 Large current test, Contact resistance test completely conform to national standard DL/T845.4- 2004.

 High output voltage, wide measuring range.

100A/200A switch constant-current supply of high precision, for testing the current, can test quickly and accurately without manual adjustment.

Large LCD screen 320X240mm, to display characters, menus to operate, and friendly interfaces to understand and process easily.

 It has the functions of printing, storing, real-time viewing data and so on.

Micro-printer with RS232 interface and USB function.

Intelligent power management technology, energy-saving in operation mode.








In an Ohmmeter, the deflection of the needle is controlled by the amount of battery current. Before calculating the resistance of an unknown electrical circuit or resistor, first of all, the test leads of the Ohmmeter are shorted together.

A simple ohmmeter circuit

A simple ohmmeter circuit

When the leads are shorted, the meter is adjusted for proper operation on the selected range and the needle drives back to the maximum position on the Ohms scale and the meter current is max. After using an Ohmmeter, the test leads should be removed. If the test leads remain connected to the Ohmmeter, then the battery of the meter gets discharged. When the rheostat is adjusted properly, with the test leads shorted, the needle of the meter comes to zero position, and this specifies a zero resistance between the test leads.

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