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Spring balancer, also referred as spring scale is a type of weighing scale and it consists of spring fixed at one end with a hook to attach an object to the other. It measures the weight of an object by opposing the force of gravity with the force of an extended spring. The diameter of cable (mm): 3, 4, 6 etc, capacity (kg): 0.25, 1, 2 etc. It is widely used in industries for weighing heavy loads such as trucks, storage silos and material carried on a conveyor belt.

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A spring balance is helical or spiral torsion spring used in certain devices such as mechanical watches, alarm clocks, kitchens timers and other various time keeping mechanisms to control the rate of oscillation. For adjusting the rate, the balance spring balancer usually has a regulator which is a movable lever mounted on the balance cock or bridge, pivoted coaxially with the balance. These spring balancers have bearing capacity of 0.25kg, 1kg, 2kg etc. Diameter of cable is measured to be as 3, 4 or 6 etc (in mm).

The regulator causes inaccuracy due to its interference with the motion of the spring, so high end watches with precise timings, such as marine chronometers, are free sprung which means they don’t have a regulator, their rate is adjusted by timing screws on the balance wheel.

In Endo spring balancer, the tension in the spring is kept stable even if the cable is pulled out because of the tapered drum. So spring balancers can keep a hold on the tools suspended in hollow and work for flexible positioning of the tools.

ENDO Spring Balancers:

Endo spring balancers play their active part in:

·         Less fatigue and improved working efficiency

·         Keeping a tool away from damage

·         Making the working space available widely

·         Suspending a tool for product assembly line.

Spring tension adjustment:

Clockwise adjustment increases the spring tension while counter clockwise adjustment decreases the spring tension.

Handle system

ERP model





Ratchet system


EW-3 and 5


ER model

ATB model

Worm gear system

EWS model

ETP model

EWF model

THB model

ELF model

ATR  model

RSB model

EWA model




·         The balancers improve working efficiency and diminish worker fatigue.

·         Balancers are available for keeping a tool clean.

·         Any electrical or pneumatic power is not required and safe working is achieved.



·         Fall arrest devices

·         Secondary support hanger

·         Drum lock system


·         Cartridge spring

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