Metal Jacketed Gasket

Metal Jacketed Gaskets are the common type of semi-metallic gaskets combining the high-pressure suitability and blowout resistance of metallic materials. The material used for these gaskets are carbon steel, soft iron and brass.The pressure ranges from 10bar and above,the thickness ranges from 2mm and above.These are used in heat exchangers, autoclaves, columns and similar services.

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About Metal Jacketed Gaskets

Metal Jacketed Gaskets are the common type of semi metallic gaskets combing the high pressure resistance and blow out resistance of metallic materials with the improved compressibility of soft materials. Widely used in heat exchangers, autoclaves, columns, pressure vessels, flue stacks, boilers, valve bonnets and similar services.



Strong construction

High tensile strength

Accurate dimensions


Easy to handle and install

Perfect for high temperatures

Suitable for Narrow flanges

Good blow-out resistance



Heat exchangers

Exhaust gases

Valve bonnet gaskets

Narrow flanges


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