Bushing is an insulation device that allows electrical conductor to safely pass through the grounded conducting barrier. The working temperature of these bushings varies from 60 degree to 120 degrees and above. It is available in black, red, white and other colors.

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Bushing controls plays a vital role in shaping and strengthening electrical fields and preventing the electrical stresses in an insulating material to ensure safety. Normally, the inner material carrying electrical surges generates a strong electrical field and when it moves near to an earth material, it can cause high electrical fields. It should be controlled to ensure safe transmission. Hence, electrical bushings are very important to transmit surges safely.


Normally, a bushing is enclosed with weather resistant housing that consists of top expansion chamber, upper porcelain, welded flange, ground sleeve assembly, lower porcelain and the bottom cap. The space between body of condenser and the housing is completely filled with transformer oil. The disc spring assembly holds synthetic rubber gaskets and O-rings and metal parts which are completely controlled pressure. All these elements are thoroughly sealed in the bushing. After assembling all the elements inside the bushing completely, it is dried out at high vacuum pressure. It is then impregnated with transformer oil and this impregnation process is carried out under extreme vacuum pressure. The perfect drying and impregnation process augment bushing life and prevents it from partial discharge.

Bushing types

There are three types of bushing wiz porcelain insulation, paper insulation and resin insulation.

Porcelain insulation: Porcelain insulated bushing are widely used for both outdoor and indoor applications. Porcelain material is highly resistant to moisture atmosphere and once it is sealed by the fire glaze, it is easy to use under any atmosphere conditions.  Porcelain bushings are hallow in shape that fits perfectly in a metal case on wall, which allows conductors to pass through its centre and connect at the both ends of the equipment. Inside area of porcelain bushing is completely filled with oil to augment its insulation characteristics.

Paper insulation and resin insulation are some of the bushing types which are used as an excellent insulation material.


Shield at oil end

Provision for current transformer

Testing tap

Single solid cast insulation

Moisture and temperature resistant

Robust with safe failure mode


Transformers and oil circuit breakers

Interchangeable transformers










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