Linear Ball Bushing

A linear ball bushing plays a vital role in moving machine components. These bushings are used in industrial linear motion systems which require exact bearings to operate smoothly.

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A liner bushing offers low friction motion along a single axis and is simpler to assimilate in a carriage design. Linear bushings are less noisy when compared with linear ball bearings. These bushings are used in combination of LM shaft, integrated with liner shaft. It makes the liner movement much simpler by creating minimum frictional resistance, which in turn offers high accuracy and flexible movement.

Lubrication and Friction

Normally, linear bushing is used with oil or grease lubrication, but as an exemption, in some cases, it is also used without lubrication. Nonetheless, before applying grease on bushings, it is advisable to remove anticorrosive oil using either kerosene or organic solvent, and only after drying thoroughly, grease or lubrication oil should be applied. It is mandatory to apply grease directly on the ball and shaft directly for with and without sealed type respectively. For oil lubrication, it is not necessary to remove anti-corrosion oil. Generally, the turbine oil, spindle oil and machine oils are used as lubricants. It is advisable to drop oil directly on the shaft or supply through the hole provided on the housing.

The balls in a liner bushing acts as rolling elements, hence they can reduce the frictional resistance considerably. The static friction is very low and there will be a little difference between static and dynamic friction which completely prevents the stick-slip, which may happen otherwise.

Features and benefits

Compact dimensions

Cost-effective and performance ratio

Pre-lubricated bushings

Completely interchangeable to ISO 1 dimension


Factory automation


Machine tool



Food and beverage






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Lubrication Posted on 8/16/2016

Check whether the ball linear ball bushing will work with or without lubrication and also check for its temperature resistance.

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