Ball die

Ball Die are the finest quality raw materials. It is reliable, resistant and extended efficient life.

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 Ball die is the forging component which has the finest quality of raw materials. This product is focused on resistance and extended life for the forging process. Forging process is very important in iron and steel manufacturing industries. Ball Die is the forging component which is manufactured using aluminum, steel, copper and so on. This is commercially made for forging purposes in manufacturing industries.




·         Products are designed for almost all applications in industrial sectors and work under the harsh conditions.

·         The use of this product has expanded itself and has every part of a functioning society.

·         Primarily for mechanical and engine applications in the aircraft and transportation industries where temperatures do not exceed 400°F. 

·         Usually employed at service temperatures lower than 500°F but certain alloys provide short time service to 700°F.  



  • Wearing and abrasion resistance
  • Anticorrosive
  • Variable dimensions
  • High performance
  • Market competitive prices
  • High material strength
  • High performance
  • Market competitive prices
  • Durability





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