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A die is specialized tool where it is used to produce series of similar products to be used for various purposes in different industries. For example manufacturing of hair clips is carried out by using metal die. A sheet role is passed through the metal die and hair clips are punched continuously and they are collected in the collection bins. Later on they are packed as per the industry requirement.

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Die formation or creation of die is an age old art created to meet mass production of various products.  The products produced by using the sheet metal dies have similar features they are used in mass most of the industries.  Sheet metal dies are mounted on a machine and a metal sheet is fed through this die to produce specific component.  Many plastic components are manufactured using sheet metal dies.  Sheet metal dies are used wherever the products are easy to manufacture using punching technology. 

The product finish is based on various factors when metal sheet is passed through the die. They are stretched, bent, and sheared to get expected product in its final condition.  The production carried out using sheet metal dies is known as blanking where the products are punched and blanked continuously.   A typical die set components are as follows, die block, punch plate, blank punch, and stripper plate, pierce punch, pilot, back stage or finger stop. 

The depth of the die is entirely dependent on its setting blank.  Shank and pierce die are significant components of sheet metal dies. Blanking dies are highly popular due to accuracy, appearance and finishing quality of the products obtained when they are used in mass production.  Another significant method of metal dies is known as broaching dies. They are created by removing the material through the multiple cutting blades known as cutting teeth.  The other significant metal die is bulging metal dies.  These dies are used to give definite shape to various objects where shaping is necessary to give final shape and finish.


Coin dies

Punching dies

Blanking dies

Curling dies

Cut off dies

Drawing dies

Extruding dies

Forming dies

Piercing dies and transfer dies are some of the examples of dies used in various production units.

They are designed and created to minimise the wastage of raw material and enhance the production ability.  They save energy, money and time spent in mass production of various industrial, domestic and commercial products.  
















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Dies design Posted on 8/16/2016

Check the die depth and design to manufacture the product of appropriate thickness and design.

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