Threading Dies

Threading dies are primarily manufactured by using HSS and carbon steel. These dies posses a tolerance of 0.001mm, 0.002mm etc and has the hardness of 50, 52, 54 etc in the units of HRC. They have their uses in various industries and workshops like electronic industries, automobile industries.

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Threading dies are used for forming or cutting a male thread on the outside of rods or bars. Threading dies provides precision in cutting and significantly extends the life-cycle of die by reducing wear. Taps and dies are the die tools. So the process of cutting threads using a tap is called tapping while the process using a die is called as threading and tap is used to cut the female thread on the outside of rod.

Threading dies use rolled thread that has greater strength than a cut thread, although it usually requires more energy to roll the thread than to cut the thread. Threading dies have various adjustments including top screws, side screws and non-adjustable screws.

There are variety of ways in which threading die performs its function. These die threads cut a male thread which is further used with the taps which cut the mating female threads.

There are basically three different types of taps: taper, plug and bottoming. A tap is lobed and does not have cutting edges. It is forced into a hole and the material is shaped into the required thread form by the lobes. Die head thread tapping is used for high-volume production of components. A chaser is inserted into the die head and the die head, further is closed bringing the chasers down to cutting position (Cleaning up a thread is called chasing).

A metric threading die represents the thread by pitch and not by inch, which is the method of thread designation in the United States. In such dies, the thread pitch is specified in millimetres.

Features of die threads:

Dimensional accuracy

Durable standards

Resistant to corrosion

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